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Surrounded by the emerald waters of the Ionian Sea, Kefalonia is a perky and fertile island, the biggest of the Ionian Islands, the 5th in size within all Greek islands and one of few places where sea and mountain combine as one. The island, setting for Louis de Bernières' wonderful novel Captain Corelli's Mandolin, stretches from the idyllic fishing village of Fiskardo in the north to the exciting for nature lovers region of Skala and Kateleios in the south and from the impressive red sandy Xi beach, in the west to the port of Sami in the east, alongside to Ithaka, the sister island of Kefalonia. The grand Mountain Enos and one of the ten National Greek Parks is black instead of green, covered with trees of a dark fir species that grows only here. Amid the attractions, Mirtos Beach and the underground Melissani Lake are Kefalonia's much photographed pinpoints that leave visitors sated. The award winning beaches lapped by turquoise waters, the characteristic Ionian-style architecture, the traditional food and even the distinctive dialect, Kefalonia brings extraordinary holiday experience for all ages to life.

Kefalonia The travel insider

The interchangeable landscape of the island is amazing when toured on land, but by the sea is simply amazing.

Kefalonia is home to an astonishing coastline with worldwide famous beaches and pretty coves with preserved pastel fishing villages, a fun-loving capital, some affluent mountain villages and thriving secluded villa rentals that provide a luxurious base. The interchangeable landscape of the island is amazing when toured on land, but by the sea is simply amazing. Relatively unspoiled by mass tourism, it never feels crowded, even in high season, also preferred for having a softer light and quieter climate than the windswept Cyclades.

Kefalonia never feels crowded, even in high season

Kefalonia's famed traditional cuisine will significantly boost your mood, while the locals are significantly friendly, having a reputation for magnetic personality with a good sense of humor and laid-back attitude. Plenty of cultural sights, amenities, and attractions for guests found in the main towns and settlements of Argostoli, Lixouri, Fiscardo and Assos, give a feeling of timelessness charm and quality-ness to have a memorable vacation.

Many people think that Kefalonia is a place of mysteries and strange phenomena. A pinch of science and mystery can be found in the Sinkholes in Argostoli, an intriguing sight proved that the water follows a long route crossing underground almost the entire island. Furthermore, the existence of golden teeth sheep and goats is essentially proof of the natural wealth of the island. However, it is truly a wonder that the island managed to recover and rebuild, after the earthquakes of 1953.

Many ancient treasures are exhibited at the Archaeological Museum of Argostoli, while the impressive Mycenaean tombs in Tzanata reinforce the theory that the famous king Odysseus, is buried in Kefalonia. Another enchanting aspect that the island is famous for, is its original traditional food, a heaven for food lovers, just to remind that the art of making feta cheese expanded to the rest of Greece by famous Kefalonian cheesemakers.