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At the crossroads of two Mediterranean sea routes, between the Aegean Sea and the Middle East, Rhodes has become synonymous of pristine nature and medieval backdrop, an island where legends and myths of fairy tales come alive in most places. The largest of the Dodecanese islands of Greece enchants its visitors with its beauties and contrasts, offering a great variety of long stretched beaches with gold sand, long lived settlements and a local gastronomy that comes back to the forefront as a plus point. Just off the Anatolian coast of Turkey, Rhodes is undoubtedly one of the most popular destinations in Europe, where you will closely view the best-preserved medieval settlement in the world to appreciate its full of merit heritage impact, from language to art and architecture, moreover a destination that hides surprises as many times as you visit it.

Rhodes The travel insider

There are many reasons to travel to the island of Rhodes; its spectacular history and architectures delve into and beautiful beaches, put their unique touch to make the result, just impressive. It has become a cosmopolitan resort that attracts mainly families and visitors related to travel for leisure with countless stylish beach clubs, seaside bars, and open-air restaurants. Rhodes beaches are splendidly organized with sandy with crystal clear waters and water sports. Its beautiful Medieval Town is a true 'gem', proclaimed by UNESCO as a World Heritage City. The Palace and the Knight's Road, are made out of the fantasy to live in your own fairy tale. Hippocrates Square is a point of reference for both island visitors and locals full of traditional taverns and modern bistro's. Lindos is a striking amphitheatrical settlement surrounded by the walls of the Knights, while in Faliraki the fun lasts all day and night. Kallithea Springs is a monument to admire the beautiful architecture and impressive mosaics. The Seven Springs and the Butterfly Valley are astonishing natural landscapes and popular destinations for nature lovers.

The island of Rhodes is full of interesting contradictions where the past "marries" with the present and soon you see that its identity remains simultaneously cosmopolitan and tradition, global and local. The most obvious influences in its architecture are those of the Byzantines, the Order of the Knights of St. John, the Venetians, and the Ottomans. Lindos, Kameiros and Ialyssos, are the island's ancient cities of important archaeological interest, while Afandou, Emponas, Archaggelos, and Lardos settlements are great escape to enjoy their folklore elements and pictures with colorful bougainvilleas. The first fortification of the Old Town of Rhodes was done by Byzantines and later the Knights of St. John contracted the Palace of the Grand Master on the site of the Ancient the temple of Greek sun-god Helios. The Knights' Road is the best-preserved medieval paved road in Europe. The port of the Town Mandraki, once dominated by the famous Colossus of Rhodes, one of the seven wonders of the world, today offers a sea-view tour amongst the Three Mills and the cylindrical columns rising high of the Deer and Doe, another trademark of Rhodes. The archeological museum, an impressive, is housed in the medieval Hospital of the Knights, hosts archaeological finds from various areas of Rhodes.