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  • Family-Friendly island
  • Beautiful long beaches
  • Mysterious ancient ruins
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The Heart of the Mystic Cyclades

Naxos is a genuine post-card scenery floating in the middle of Cycladic islands and is the biggest of the isles complex. One single visit in Naxos is never enough, as it comprises an inexhaustible source of images, tastes and feelings. An island that holds a magnificent ancient heritage and has seen civilisations come and go is a great challenge to spot the marks that time and conquerors have left behind. Multifaceted and intricate, Naxos prides itself on its prosperous mix of tourist and agricultural life, supported by its fertile and mountainous landscape, the traditional villages, the interesting historical sites and the sandy abundant beaches, the size of Naxos helps to offer many different suggestions to its 'thirsty' summer audience.

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Naxian Boutique Hotel Deluxe Sea View Suite

1 bedrooms 1 bathrooms 2 guests

Naxian On The Beach Luxury Boutique Hotel

1 bedrooms 1 bathrooms 2 guests

Montana Villa Naxos

5 bedrooms 4 bathrooms 11 guests
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Naxos The travel insider

Beaches, culture and activities, can you have them all for your holidays? The answer is Naxos, as these constitute the triptych of its success. Bathed in bright light and encircle by transparent crystal waters, the island of Naxos attracts sophisticated families from around Europe, but also, thanks to the strong north wings (meltemia) that blow through the Aegean Sea, the island constitutes a unique destination for windsurfers and yacht sailors. Some of the most elegant villas in Greece are standing here, while Naxos' historical Cycladic culture heritage will inspire art lovers. Incredible local cuisine is served in numerous restaurants and taverns, oriented towards regionally produced organic foods. From the bustling hotspots like the port town that has become one with the medieval Chora dominated by a venetian castle and old stone mansions, to the sheer abundance of cultural attractions, churches and chapels hidden in picturesque cobbled streets with the whitewashed facades, to the endless coastline with sandy and shingle beach washed by the crystalline waters of the Aegean, the priceless 'gems' of Naxos will bring ever-increasing joy during your holidays in Greece.

The western side of Naxos is the most tourist developed region in terms of infrastructure, while the eastern side is more secluded and untouched. Part of the island's identity, Portara, next to the port, the giant gate with a mysterious, dreamy and ancient touch, impresses for the persistence to stand upright in the centuries. At the top of the port, Chora is known as one of the most well preserved in the whole Aegean. The sleeping giants Kouroi at Flerio village is another striking attraction of three unfinished Archaic (mid 6th century BC) marble bodies lied on the ground eternally dormant. The interesting hinterland's natural beauty and sights can be discovered through the paths of the island, but in any case the traditional Naxian villages like Apiranthos, Chalki, Filoti, built into the hills and mountain sides worth a visit to experience a way of life so old as the villages themselves.