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  • One of the greenest Greek islands
  • Brilliant Easter-holiday destination
  • Sheltered beaches-Best for families
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Welcome to the melodic island of Corfu (Kerkyra), a place that does not look like any other, exactly like our heartful passions. Corfu is the most famous of the Ionian Sea islands, a green getaway framed by sheltered coves, pine forests and a 'jewel' town inscribed by UNESCO as a protected monument. The northern island of Greece is also known for having the ideal Mediterranean climate healing properties. Musicality is imprinted on locals extrovert mentality, influenced by the Italian Commedia dell Arte, from "Kantades" (traditional songs), up to the famous philharmonic orchestra which accompanies the litany of the Epitaph on Good Friday and has inspired the Greek composers Theodorakis and Hatzidakis to write some of their sweetest songs. Beautiful by day and striking by night, Corfu is calling its visitor to experience its incalculable historical Town and old cultural festivals, villages that still echo Venetian heritage and stunning natural beauties combining thick vegetation and protected beaches to enchant even the hardest- to please visitor. The contribution in the Greek folk music is pivotal, as the Island of 17 amazing philharmonic societies reflect its rich musical traditions in all aspects of dayling life.

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Corfu or Italy? Due to Corfu's proximity to Italy, located at the entrance of the Adriatic Sea, the influences are evident in Town's beautiful fortified architecture and peoples musical temperament. It's no exaggeration to say that Corfu is one of the main flagships of Greek tourism that follows the standards of a legendary popular resort composing a scenic alley of different cultures and dozens of green beaches with emerald waters. Pontikonisi is obviously that postcard picture of Corfu and Longas is the ultimate sunset beach, while the Old Town offers a refined start to the evening, with its bars and restaurants inside "Kantounia", the narrow cobblestone alleys. The scenic Paleokastritsa with its fortress of past ages represents one of the most impressive and seductive natural beauties of the island. The impressive ceremony of the Resurrection taking place in Spianada Square attracts thousands of tourists at Easter. With dozens of child-friendly beaches, most of Corfu's beaches are organized and above seaside settlements. Diapontia Islands northern of Corfu intrigues particularly wealthy boat owners.

When Ulysses was shipwrecked on Corfu (ancient Feaci) he stopped to admire the lush landscapes. There's always more to explore if you head the low-key northern and southern part of Corfu. Around Pantokratoras, the tallest mountain, some mountainous villages like Strinila and Partilas definitely worth a visit for their alluring scenery and, while form the spot Kaiser's Throne at Pelekas, offers amazing 360◦ panoramic views. Back to Town, is unbeatable for strolling throughout the history and culture, the Old and New Fortress, the Town Hall (San Jacobo Theater), the Palace, Canoni, Mon Repos and the Archaeological Museum with its famous Gorgon pediment are some of the key sights of the Town. Another equally important sight out of the city is the Achilleio, the summer sanctuary of Queen Elizabeth. And if all that sun, sea and sightseeing will leave you hungry, the local cuisine is food heaven; Pastitsada, Sofrito, Bianco, and Bourdeto are the islands' specialties with Italian influences which will enchant you.