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Sun and sea

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Sun and sea

Sun and sea. The very soul of Greece is inextricably linked to these two elements. From the ancient seafaring adventures of Ulysses to the explorations of modern travelers, there is a common thread that always leads back to the blue waters of the Aegean Sea. Greece, home to some of the most famous travel destinations in the world, has all you need to enjoy your summer vacations: Beautiful coastlines, award-winning beaches, and an ideal climate for sunbathing and enjoying water sports.

Featured Collection Greek destinations with amazing coastlines

Mykonos Greece... is Mykonos
  • High energetic beaches
  • La 'dolce vita' nightlife
  • Luxury real estate destination
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Santorini Piece of Aegean Sea Jewelry
  • Top honeymooners destination
  • Boutique cave villas & cliff suite
  • Colorful volcanic beaches
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Crete Southern paradise
  • Top beach destination
  • Food lovers destination
  • Warm hospitality
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Paros The Heart of Cyclades
  • Cosmopolitan night-life
  • Byzantine architecture
  • Windsurfing lovers
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Naxos The Heart of the Mystic Cyclades
  • Family-Friendly island
  • Beautiful long beaches
  • Mysterious ancient ruins
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Syros The Queen of Cyclades
  • Casino lovers
  • Family friendly
  • All year round holiday packages
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Milos Luminous Infinite Beauty
  • Volcanic Island
  • Couple Vacation Destination
  • Iconic Beaches
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Rhodes The island of the Knights
  • Cosmopolitan exhilarating experience
  • Medieval atmosphere
  • Gastronomic destination
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Zakynthos The Unique Power of the Greek Blue
  • Beach destination
  • Party island
  • Musical influenced culture
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