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Family Retreats

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Family Retreats

Traveling with your family doesn't mean you have to abandon your sense of fun and adventure. Greece, as a matter of fact, is an ideal holiday destination for leisure AND play. Browse our suggestions for safe, hassle-free vacations, with tons of activities to keep travelers of all ages happy. Get ready to fill that family album!

Featured Collection Destinations in Greece for great family vacations

Crete Southern paradise
  • Top beach destination
  • Food lovers destination
  • Warm hospitality
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Paros The Heart of Cyclades
  • Cosmopolitan night-life
  • Byzantine architecture
  • Windsurfing lovers
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Naxos The Heart of the Mystic Cyclades
  • Family-Friendly island
  • Beautiful long beaches
  • Mysterious ancient ruins
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Syros The Queen of Cyclades
  • Casino lovers
  • Family friendly
  • All year round holiday packages
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Kefalonia Life is a... Beach
  • Iconic beaches
  • Superlative Mediterranean dishes
  • Celebrity yacht vacations
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Zakynthos The Unique Power of the Greek Blue
  • Beach destination
  • Party island
  • Musical influenced culture
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